Santiago Espana

Santiago Spain is a beautiful place. The cathedral is a very emotional experience.  I´m sorry there are no photos at this point. Lost Ipad yesterday and camera today. Think the lightweight battery charger killed my batteries. Still taking video and still photo with video camera. Many pictures to follow when we return to US.  Starting tour of north coastal regions of Spain tomorrow.  Back injury is no problem today, so hoping for some good days ahead. 


What Did I Forget??????????


Two days !!! Losing sleep !! I know I have forgotten something ! What is it ? Is it Critical ?

The Bus leaves for The Camino de Santiago on Tuesday 9/17/2013. I will be on that Bus. The Pilgrimage starts on the morning of the 19th. Oh my ! Feet don’t fail me now !

Two Weeks tp Go !

What I will look like in Late October.

What I will look like in Late October.

14 Days ! Can it be? Sounds like a long time but I think I have three weeks worth of things to be done……………..

Over the weekend, Doctor Bill, my Camino friend from Florida, sent me a list of tips. Having “Been there, Done that”. I was struck by the simplicity and logic he advises. So much so, I decided to repost his comment that can also be seen my last Blog Post (23 Days/23pounds). See Comment below

dogtorbill on September 2, 2013 at 5:17 pm said: Edit

I am so excited for you. Beginning to wish (shocking!) I could do it again. I will be doing it again vicariously, rest assured. Just a couple of suggestions. I would trade the sleeping bag pad in for a insecticidal liner. (I’m more than glad to lend you mine. This time of year the bedbugs may be rampant, and they will def help. Also some nights way too hot for bag, so sleep on top of bag, with liner a brilliant idea. I did this often when hostel room was too warm from heaters. I considered the pad, but was one of the first things I booted when shaving off 10#. Absolutely do not need it, unless camping. Also, with your back issue, the foot gear is so very critical. If you don’t wanna spring for fitted orthotics, strongly suggest super soles. That’s what we both used. Also at least knee bands, if not full braces. I’ll lend you my braces, or sell you the bands (still in package) I got for Sharon. Two short sleeve T-shirts and one long (maybe also the one button up) are enough, as are four socks and boxers. Make sure boxers and T-s are under armor or similar synthetic (NOT COTTON)! One towel only. No shorts? Good call on losing the pillow. Lose the PJs. Your fleece should be plenty this time of year, I slept in next day’s boxers and T-Shirt. One less thing in a.m. Finally, get good (really good) quality baggies to keep organized, waterproof, and compress. Socks, boxers, T’s in one; pants & shorts in one; raingear in one; fleece, extra shirt in one; etc. Anyway, fold garment to take up no more than 1/2 of baggie, stack them flat inside, zip baggie 1/2 way, then roll very tightly, compressing out all of air & then complete zipping before releasing roll. PRESTO! Can’t stress enough that back will not stay dry, regardless of cover, and all clothes will get wet! Remember bar of soap (ivory?) for yourself (I used in hair also), as well as clothes in hostel sinks, and clothesline length and clothespins. More to follow… Hope these

Pilgrimage Changes

It has been a while since my last post. I have had some hard decisions to make. The decisions are made and I am back on track for the Camino.

The Biggest change is the decision to break the Camino into segments. This due to my back is giving me fits again and I have had a second surgery on my hand. Dupuytrins (sp) Contracture is not fun. I started therapy yesterday and have threatened the therapist with DEATH numerous times. I need additional time to complete therapy.


My first segment of the Camino will be from Ponferrada Spain to Santiago. A little over 200km. I am staying in Spain for an additional period of time. If my back is not screaming at me when I complete the Ponferrada to Santiago section, I will shuttle back to do another section, hopefully, the Pyrenees. If I am not able to trek further, I will roam Spain/Europe for a couple of weeks by car/train.

Airfare is purchased. Leaving on September 17th. Flying to Madrid now with these changes. Then train to Ponferrada. I am reserving a car in Santiago for two weeks of auto travel. Have you ever seen a Ford KA? Looks like you should have one on each foot. Ha. A big difference when you are used to the ‘Monster’ trucks etc in Texas.

Ford Ka

I continue pounding out the miles of training walks. Not as easy getting conditioned as it once was… It’s been a “Rough week in Lake Wobegon”, but I am back on track………… Wish I was leaving today……

Camino_de_Santiago shells & Gourd

Buen Camino Friends.

Fathers Day 2013

Dr. William Klein

Dr. William Klein

I just knew that my ‘Brother’ Dr. Bill would post today. Sure enough. There is no doubt , he is one of the all time best Fathers. I have followed him throughout his Camino with his son Cullen. Being an emotional person like Dr. Bill, I think I shared many of his tears. Only Faith in the Blessed assurance has seen him through. God’s Blessings to you and your family……….

It is time now for me to say goodbye to the “Reposts” from Dr. Bill.  I can only hope he has touched as many of my friends the way he has moved me with his love and courage. A small part of Cullen will help guide me through my Camino that begins in 78 days………

Enjoy his post at the link below.

It’s what I do !!!!!

Theflycaster 1

Been struggling with my new Video/Audio software that I got from It’s free, so there is no “Guidebook for Dummies”. One of my struggles was trying to figure out how to add music to a Photo Slideshow. Took a while, but I now know how to do it. My apologies to Leonard Cohen.

I was asked what I do when not training for the Camino de Santiago. Model building is a favorite hobby. I prefer to build models of Aircraft I have never seen built before. This model is loosely based on a Heinkle He-51 (Stand-off scale). It was a German fighter that was built illegally post WWI. It was too slow due to Germany no longer being allowed to build Aircraft engines. It did see combat in a Spanish war but was quickly relegated to the roll of a Ground attack bomber because it could not compete in air to air combat.

All plans were drawn by myself and the same for Fabrication. Toward the end of the show you will see a design change. The original design was not stabile in flight. The top wing was “stretched” for a more stabile flight.

Play Slideshow below…………

Some of my other “Creations” . The 1/3rd scale Fokker DVIII was my own design. Others were Kits etc.

My own design

My own design

Lot’s of work with the Fokker. Learned a lot about scale alterations. Mainly that when scaling something up, things are not Linear.

Pitts Special

A Classic Pitts Special. I won this plane at an R/C meet.

My all-time Favorite

My all-time Favorite

A Modified Stearman ! What a great Plane to Fly !!!! R.I.P. :=(

Training Day April 23,2013

Well, it’s been a fun week in Lake Wobegon. Hand surgery was more than expected. I was not ready ! I could have guessed when they told me I would be OUT COLD ! Next clue was my hand was NUMB FOR THREE DAYS ! Went in for post Op C/U. They took off the bandages and I nearly fainted. GROSS! Looks like some kind of Hairy legged Centipede in the palm of my hand. I am thinking about posting a picture….NOT

Oh well, Yesterday I got to get some training in. I needed to get out. I was trapped in my house and all I heard was stories about Two Whacked out brothers in Boston. The town they came from had nothing but ghetto type conditions , so they come to the USA for an unbelievable education, complete with I phones. So, they learn that they hate Americans and it is best to kill as many as possible………Sorry, had to say it………….

Well my training walk went way better than I thought possible….I decided to try using my “Camino Taxi” aka jogging stroller.

Camino Caddy 003

It is great! I trekked for 3 hours without a problem. It was Very windy 20-30 mph with gusts up to ???? I wanted to make a film with my new editor but when I got home, I found the wind noise in almost all of the video was terrible . I salvaged what I could so you can see a little more of the places I ‘Hang’ at.

If they have ‘Hacked’ up my video again, go to and then in their search bar type: training for the camino de Santiago and you will see a commercial free version…….

Buen Camino

Training for The camino de Santiago

This training exercise was a struggle………..I intentionally over-packed my backpack by about 10 pounds. Big mistake. Then I extended my intended trek by one hour. That turned into two more hours. Huge mistake.

These things were done because I knew I would be only able to train a small amount this week. Yesterday, I had surgery on my left hand. Duypuytren’s Contracture. What? It’s a genetic thing that happens primarily to Dudes of Northern Europe decent. That would be me. You will see it it the video below. Scar tissues cause a finger to fold over the palm and eventually lock. Well, my left pinky Locked. Today it is 75% straightened and my hand is really sore.

Friday was as good as it gets around here so it was off to the Bayfront………. Where I live……

I have a New Camera and a new Video editor that I got from . It was free (the software) so you have to figure out how to use it yourself. I am learning, so bear with me. Had difficulty seeing images in the bright sun. Thus some images were zoomed in (like the Pelicans and sadly the pretty joggers) when I did not intend. A lot of Video on the cutting room floor. haHa.


Sorry, This will probably be my last blog with a long video. All the commercials were NOT entered by me! To see the Video without commercials, go to: . Then enter the search bar bayfront walk april 2013 reload Sorry for the trouble.

Hey, it will not win any Oscars, but it is FREE……….

Just Do It

Just Do It

Buen Camino Friends

Weight Loss

ImageNew sleeping bag !  Nearly 2 pounds lighter than the Old version.  Happy Happy !  Check out the size differences.  It will fit in my U.T. hat !  Will I freeze in it?  It is actually rated for colder weather than the Jumbo version.  Amazing what money can do.

I am starting to believe I can make it over the Pyrenees mountains without hiring a Sherpa !


My new trekker boots arrived.  Awesome ! Very light. ……..But they are too tight !   A Quick call to LL Bean.  “send ’em back” .  larger size on the way even before I return the originals!  Free shipping each way !  Friendly people.  I wish every business would work like that.


The picture above is The Cross of St James.
Buen Camino Amigos


Too Much Weight.

Uh Oh! first test packing of the backpack with one water container (Filled) came in at 32 pounds. Too heavy for me to carry up and down the mountains of France and Spain. Making the first cut tomorrow. I am thinking I will be washing clothes more often than I calculated. I want to get closer to 20 pounds. That will be hard enough for 500 miles of trekking.

My heaviest piece of gear is my Mini-tablet. A great concern because that is to be my primary communication device. Not to mention the Apps for GPS, weather etc. Pretty sure the HD Cam corder is outta here. My Nikon Coolpix does video also so that will suffice. 6 T shirts being cut to 3 etc.

My new lightweight boots will help. The pack was weighed with my current boots inside.

we’ll see.

Gonna have to cut  cut cut. Or get training wheels for the pack. HaHa.

Buen Camino