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Seat bottoms are very hard in an Airbus !

Jet Lag lasts more than a day !

Brews are very tasty. Spend 2 Euros for a tall brew and you get 5 Euros worth of Tapas for free. How does that work?

A Quarter Pounder with cheese is called a McRoyale. Ha.

Buy a soda and it comes with a glass ! NO STYROFOAM CUPS.

If you get a glass with one ice cube, it is like a lotto win.

The United States is the trashiest place you will ever find.

Truth in advertising?  Saw a billboard in front of a cafe, Great pictures of the table fare. A great looking “Sub” type sandwich was pictured, loaded with meats, cheese, tomato and lettuce.
Couldn’t communicate what I wanted so I took the proprietor outside and polnted. Oh, Si Si Senor. Soon I had a 4 ” sandwich. A hard roll…

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Where I have been

Late July, I was really bearing down on my preparations to leave for Spain and the Camino de Santiago. So excited to get going. Then a phone call from my long-time friend Jim. He told me his brother Paul has Cancer. The three of us were friends for more years than most of you have lived. Paul and I first met before I was in 1st grade. Many tough nights pondering what to do.

Three Friends 2013 600X800

I decided to go to Spain. My thoughts were consumed with my friend. I carried a stone on my Pilgrimage for Paul that came from Lake Ontario about 3 miles from his home. I left the stone for him at the Cruz de Ferro. I am not ashamed to tell you I had a serious melt-down at that point.

Shortly after my return from Spain, I was back in the Air to New York State. I found my friend to be very weak and frail, not the Gun-ho, Semper-fi Marine that I knew. So hard to hold it together for him. I was told he had stage 4 Cancer in both Lungs and one kidney. Just didn’t seem fair for a Non-drinker/smoker. He was in no pain ,very upbeat and optimistic. Denial, I am sure. On my last visit , He asked if I would return in the Spring to go Salmon fishing with him. That was Monday 11/11/2013. The next morning, found me jetting back to Texas. That evening, he had difficulty breathing and passed away at the hospital. 73+ years. God’s Peace my friend.

Tomorrow is the day…………

No Pain Large

Tomorrow morning, The journey begins…………Well, sort of…..

 My Camino friend from Florida , Dr Bill, gave me some advice to just let thy will be done……… Been thinking a lot about that piece of advice. it’s as good as it gets.  So my Camino starts tomorrow, but thinking about it, My Camino actually started months ago.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of the Camino….

I am still struggling with the fact that the actual Pilgrimage has been shortened.  Just may have to go back next year if my body holds up. I am about as fit as I can get. My last training walk was this morning and I aced it.

Thanks for all the Prayers and Wishes. I will be carrying all with me……………


What Did I Forget??????????


Two days !!! Losing sleep !! I know I have forgotten something ! What is it ? Is it Critical ?

The Bus leaves for The Camino de Santiago on Tuesday 9/17/2013. I will be on that Bus. The Pilgrimage starts on the morning of the 19th. Oh my ! Feet don’t fail me now !

23 Days/23 pounds

23 days until departure. Time is flying now. I just did another ‘Repack’ and it came out to be 23 pounds. Wish I could drop a pound every day.

Back pack items

Still some changes coming. Decided to get rid of the Camping pillow. My Fleece folded up stuffed inside a ‘T’ shirt is pretty nice 🙂 That’s another 1/2 pound cut,.

A short clip below. I like the beat………….

Tips and Myths………….

I have received numerous tips about preparations for the Camino. Most have been really good, some are myths……Sorry, (name withheld) the idea that if you wait until the last day, Airfare is like “Way Cheap” . NOT SO !!!!! I purchased R/T tickets from Corpus Christi Tx to Madrid and back Two (2) months early. Cost – $924 US. Just for comparison, Last Monday, I checked the same broker (Cheapo Air) for the rate leaving the next day. $1896. Same Carrier, Same Flight #s.

BTW, CHEAP-O Air is very efficient……….

Another Tip…….. Been thinking that if I have to stick to the plan of a shortened Camino, I would not have any decent clothes for Auto travel. Buy New? Then how to get back with them. And so, the tip………. Take a carry-on bag (part of the air fare). Once in Spain, FedEx, UPS or Post too Santiago. There is a business there that stores baggage until you arrive. I like this Tip.

Stay Thirsty My Friends !
Ha Ha, He once Parallel parked a TRAIN ! Too Funny. Also like that his 2 cents is worth $32 and change……

Buen Camino,
The Trekker

Fathers Day 2013

Dr. William Klein

Dr. William Klein

I just knew that my ‘Brother’ Dr. Bill would post today. Sure enough. There is no doubt , he is one of the all time best Fathers. I have followed him throughout his Camino with his son Cullen. Being an emotional person like Dr. Bill, I think I shared many of his tears. Only Faith in the Blessed assurance has seen him through. God’s Blessings to you and your family……….

It is time now for me to say goodbye to the “Reposts” from Dr. Bill.  I can only hope he has touched as many of my friends the way he has moved me with his love and courage. A small part of Cullen will help guide me through my Camino that begins in 78 days………

Enjoy his post at the link below.

The Cathedral at Santiago Spain


And so it comes to pass that Bill and Sharon enter the Cathedral at Santiago Spain on the 17th of May. All through the  Pilgrimage, I wondered why Doctor Bill punished himself by making daily treks way beyond What should be considered rational. It’s the Date! They had to be there on that DAY ! Buen Camino and Bravo!

One exception I take with the movie ‘The Way’,  Religion has everything to do with it, EVERYTHING !

Please read & enjoy the link below……………

Training Day April 23,2013

Well, it’s been a fun week in Lake Wobegon. Hand surgery was more than expected. I was not ready ! I could have guessed when they told me I would be OUT COLD ! Next clue was my hand was NUMB FOR THREE DAYS ! Went in for post Op C/U. They took off the bandages and I nearly fainted. GROSS! Looks like some kind of Hairy legged Centipede in the palm of my hand. I am thinking about posting a picture….NOT

Oh well, Yesterday I got to get some training in. I needed to get out. I was trapped in my house and all I heard was stories about Two Whacked out brothers in Boston. The town they came from had nothing but ghetto type conditions , so they come to the USA for an unbelievable education, complete with I phones. So, they learn that they hate Americans and it is best to kill as many as possible………Sorry, had to say it………….

Well my training walk went way better than I thought possible….I decided to try using my “Camino Taxi” aka jogging stroller.

Camino Caddy 003

It is great! I trekked for 3 hours without a problem. It was Very windy 20-30 mph with gusts up to ???? I wanted to make a film with my new editor but when I got home, I found the wind noise in almost all of the video was terrible . I salvaged what I could so you can see a little more of the places I ‘Hang’ at.

If they have ‘Hacked’ up my video again, go to and then in their search bar type: training for the camino de Santiago and you will see a commercial free version…….

Buen Camino

Another Weight solution

Got a comment from my son about a video he saw of a man on the Camino that had too much weight. His solution was to buy a Jogging Stroller and push it to Santiago. My first inclination was “No Way”. Second thinking gives me a new perspective……In ’06 , I was involved in a Dog Attack that left me with a Broken back. This is the reason backback weights are a serious concern to me. I am getting into pretty good condition so legs are not my concern. My back on the other hand IS an issue.

Investigation tells me the least expensive is at Walmart $145 +TT&L. Kinda shaky quality. So How bout a better grade that is used. I will modify it anyhow. Check with Airlines. No Problem with a single seater. Ify for a double.

Try Craigslist. Bingo, several of them. Like this one, a Schwinn Arrow. A check of the WWW and it lists for $300. They are asking $80 and says “New Condition” . Be right Over.

Holy Moly, still has the store tags and the tires still have the little rubber hairs. It’s mine now

Camino Caddy 001

Camino Caddy 002

Okay, Lets get to work. Gosh, what” this? HaHa, a built in MP3 system. I guess I can Rock-On with other Pilgrims.

Camino Caddy 003

Starting to look promising.

Camino Caddy 005

Folds up in 5 seconds. about 3# lighter without fenders child restraints etc.

Camino Caddy 006<

Wheels pop right off if airline wants it even smaller.

Camino Caddy 008

Two full packs water bottles etc. Storage area under seat area will be for extra shoes, food items, the omni-present T.P. etc

Hard to push ? NO !!!! It’s a dream. Just touch it and away you go. Hand brake for the front wheel that sets as a parking brake also. Rear wheels have a shock absorbing system and parking brakes. It’s almost cheating. I am thinking It’s a Winner. I think if I return to St Jean Pied de Port after the Camino is completed , I can get 200 Euros for it.

Pictured below, the USA Urban options………

Camino caddy Urban modifications-crop

What Fun ! Bob trekker2013

Weight Loss

ImageNew sleeping bag !  Nearly 2 pounds lighter than the Old version.  Happy Happy !  Check out the size differences.  It will fit in my U.T. hat !  Will I freeze in it?  It is actually rated for colder weather than the Jumbo version.  Amazing what money can do.

I am starting to believe I can make it over the Pyrenees mountains without hiring a Sherpa !


My new trekker boots arrived.  Awesome ! Very light. ……..But they are too tight !   A Quick call to LL Bean.  “send ’em back” .  larger size on the way even before I return the originals!  Free shipping each way !  Friendly people.  I wish every business would work like that.


The picture above is The Cross of St James.
Buen Camino Amigos