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Seat bottoms are very hard in an Airbus !

Jet Lag lasts more than a day !

Brews are very tasty. Spend 2 Euros for a tall brew and you get 5 Euros worth of Tapas for free. How does that work?

A Quarter Pounder with cheese is called a McRoyale. Ha.

Buy a soda and it comes with a glass ! NO STYROFOAM CUPS.

If you get a glass with one ice cube, it is like a lotto win.

The United States is the trashiest place you will ever find.

Truth in advertising?  Saw a billboard in front of a cafe, Great pictures of the table fare. A great looking “Sub” type sandwich was pictured, loaded with meats, cheese, tomato and lettuce.
Couldn’t communicate what I wanted so I took the proprietor outside and polnted. Oh, Si Si Senor. Soon I had a 4 ” sandwich. A hard roll…

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Tomorrow is the day…………

No Pain Large

Tomorrow morning, The journey begins…………Well, sort of…..

 My Camino friend from Florida , Dr Bill, gave me some advice to just let thy will be done……… Been thinking a lot about that piece of advice. it’s as good as it gets.  So my Camino starts tomorrow, but thinking about it, My Camino actually started months ago.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of the Camino….

I am still struggling with the fact that the actual Pilgrimage has been shortened.  Just may have to go back next year if my body holds up. I am about as fit as I can get. My last training walk was this morning and I aced it.

Thanks for all the Prayers and Wishes. I will be carrying all with me……………


Thirty Days to Go

Today marks Thirty days to go. Planes, Trains and Automobiles are taken care of…..Euros purchased. 😦 My body is struggling but getting better with each training session. Physical therapy on my hand has been less than fun but the results were surprisingly successful. That’s a good thing. 🙂

Weight reduction continues. The latest break-through is shaving! Yes, SHAVING ! and the savings is substantial. I had debated about shaving while on Pilgrimage. I decided to shave a preserve my Youthful appearance. Thus more weight to carry. Then I found a product called ‘Shave Secret’.

Shave Secret 1-crop

Shave Secret 2

This stuff is amazing ! Three drops of this in your palms and rub it on your (wet) face. No lather ! That can be a bit scary. I have to admit, at this point I was a bit frightened to put a blade on my face. What a surprise, Smoother than two inch thick Barbasol ! Ha. It smell great and no after shave is required. The oils (That’s the secret) leave your face smooth and soft. Two thumbs up for this product.

Pilgrimage Changes

It has been a while since my last post. I have had some hard decisions to make. The decisions are made and I am back on track for the Camino.

The Biggest change is the decision to break the Camino into segments. This due to my back is giving me fits again and I have had a second surgery on my hand. Dupuytrins (sp) Contracture is not fun. I started therapy yesterday and have threatened the therapist with DEATH numerous times. I need additional time to complete therapy.


My first segment of the Camino will be from Ponferrada Spain to Santiago. A little over 200km. I am staying in Spain for an additional period of time. If my back is not screaming at me when I complete the Ponferrada to Santiago section, I will shuttle back to do another section, hopefully, the Pyrenees. If I am not able to trek further, I will roam Spain/Europe for a couple of weeks by car/train.

Airfare is purchased. Leaving on September 17th. Flying to Madrid now with these changes. Then train to Ponferrada. I am reserving a car in Santiago for two weeks of auto travel. Have you ever seen a Ford KA? Looks like you should have one on each foot. Ha. A big difference when you are used to the ‘Monster’ trucks etc in Texas.

Ford Ka

I continue pounding out the miles of training walks. Not as easy getting conditioned as it once was… It’s been a “Rough week in Lake Wobegon”, but I am back on track………… Wish I was leaving today……

Camino_de_Santiago shells & Gourd

Buen Camino Friends.

The Three Sisters of Texas

Fourth of July 2013 in the Hill Country of Texas. How Pretty!!!!!!! We rode the “Three Sisters” Route in the Hills and it was well worth every minute !

The Three Sisters are called so because of their Route Numbers. RR (Ranch Road) 335, RR336 and RR337. WOW what a trip. Lots of Bikers. (All friendly). Later I found that the Three Sisters route is one of the most popular ‘Biker’ rides in the country. I did not take many pictures, the roads were excellent , but very steep and winding.

3s4 Route sign

RR336 going South to the town of Leakey is very steep with many TIGHT curves. Note the sign prior to the Decent.



So much to see………. Nearly wrecked when I saw a Giraffe in a small meadow. Nope, No beer involved. Yes, a Giraffe !



Like I said , lots of Bikes. Some Sporty like this one…….


I want one !

Some places you can see a LONG way………….


Come to Texas and ride the Three Sisters Route, then stop at Leakey Texas, rent a tube, jump in the Frio River and Cruise at a slow pace. It will soothe your worries…………………

Take a scooter ride below……….

Camino de Santiago begins in 55 days !!!!

Buen Camino

Time to Soundoff !

September 2,2013 I leave to trek the Camino de Santiago in Spain. It actually begins in St Jean Pied de Port , France. Well, for me it Starts at Corpus Christi Texas, USA. Preparations began some time ago and there the troubling scenarios began.

The first thing was the company I retired from informed me that I could no-longer receive fully paid medical benefits as I had been promised for taking early retirement. Recent legislation (Obamacare) makes that unfair. Thank God I am on Medicare. Supplemental insurance is expensive, especially when you plan to travel out of country.

I am thinking before I go further with this, you need to know that I am a registered Democrat and that in 2008 I voted for the sitting president. I thought he was the best choice. He sure was a great talker. I just couldn’t see the puppet strings.

Puppet Master

Puppet Master

Okay move on. Part of my Pilgrimage preparations was a thorough physical. A tiny spot on my neck turned out to be cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) . Five spots actually. Treatment starts and then I am informed that my Dermatologist  now accepts CASH or Credit cards only. Sorry, no longer accepting insurance. I said I would have to change Doctors and she said, “Good Luck”.  Hmmm, Found only one doctor that would take insurance, but they said, “Sorry, not accepting any new patients”. Fun !

The next problem, Blood tests are in. Everything is great except for my PSA was elevated. My GP says my Prostate is enlarged. Off to a Urologist. No fun there. “We need to do a Biopsy” . Oh boy, So there I am lying in this contraption that I need not describe when my Doctor says, “It’s a good thing you are having this done now”. I thought I was about to hear the early detection spiel. He says that effective 1/1/2014, he will have to submit paper work to a board to approve or disapprove a biopsy for me. So? He tells me that he sees ~50 patients a day. 80% will need some sort of procedure. Paperwork submitted for each patient.. Hire more help? He said there are 100+ doctors in his complex all submitting requests. He says, the “board” will be overwhelmed the first week. How long will it take fo get approvals? He thinks it will be a “Rubber stamp” decision.

So my biopsys come back negative , all 6.  Diagnosis, BPH. The treatment? Meds the rest of my life or a procedure called Prostiva RF that reduces the Prostate size. Doc says it is a certainty that this treatment will be difficult or impossible to be approved.  I have completed the treatment and it was quite painless, so no meds needed.

I asked what he thought about the Obamacare package? he said there are 15,000 pages of legislation that apply. He said, (as close as I can remember) “Who do you think wrote this stuff? I would like to know myself. It surely was not our President” Then he told me he is considering closing his shop. Nice.

Last night I am  watching the president proclaim his new thing, the war on coal burning. Maybe a good idea if the other 99% of the countries in the world would participate. Not going to happen. We are the laughing stock of the world. Think I am kidding? In prep for travel, I have started watching Euro-News. A whole new perspective about our country. and I can’t find where to argue with them. So the prez continues “The Special interest groups will tell you this is a bad thing”. This is much different from the “Special Interests” that think medical reform is a GOOD thing.

I remember the promises made in 2008 that were so exciting , even to me. Thanks to places like YOUTUBE, Denials are impossible.

Remember the National debt promises? Trillions and Trillions of Dollars in debt. My poor grandkids are going to see a depression that will make the “Great Depession’ pale by comparisson. Instead of our leaders saying , Holy %$^ we have to stop the spending! We hear the #1 priority is to stop burning coal…………….Go figure…

Well, I am certain I have lost some of my followers, but that’s how I feel. Go ahead blast away…………..It’s a free country,,,, well, sort of……….

That reminds me, my cousin that lives in Michigan , Is such a believer in the Democratic party, that everything from them is the truth anything else is blasphemy. Lord help you if you should dare listen to the FOX news channel. It is so bad, he even said someone should shoot George W, Bush. I guess Homeland security wasn’t reading my mail then.  Well that was okay,  the first Ammendment protects him. However, the first time I questioned my voting skills, This when Nancy Pelosi said we would learn what was in the law AFTER it became law. I told him Obama, Pelosi and Reid were “3 Blind Mice”. he informed me that I am a RACIST ! No 1st ammendment rights for me…

Oh well, freedom of the Press !!!!!! I feel better. With luck and Faith, after my Pilgrimage , I will be more tolerant of dumb things in our world and just turn the other cheek. Then again, by definition, that is the Silent Majority !! So Speak up, give it to me.

God’s Blessings and

Buen Camino

Fathers Day 2013

Dr. William Klein

Dr. William Klein

I just knew that my ‘Brother’ Dr. Bill would post today. Sure enough. There is no doubt , he is one of the all time best Fathers. I have followed him throughout his Camino with his son Cullen. Being an emotional person like Dr. Bill, I think I shared many of his tears. Only Faith in the Blessed assurance has seen him through. God’s Blessings to you and your family……….

It is time now for me to say goodbye to the “Reposts” from Dr. Bill.  I can only hope he has touched as many of my friends the way he has moved me with his love and courage. A small part of Cullen will help guide me through my Camino that begins in 78 days………

Enjoy his post at the link below.

It’s what I do !!!!!

Theflycaster 1

Been struggling with my new Video/Audio software that I got from It’s free, so there is no “Guidebook for Dummies”. One of my struggles was trying to figure out how to add music to a Photo Slideshow. Took a while, but I now know how to do it. My apologies to Leonard Cohen.

I was asked what I do when not training for the Camino de Santiago. Model building is a favorite hobby. I prefer to build models of Aircraft I have never seen built before. This model is loosely based on a Heinkle He-51 (Stand-off scale). It was a German fighter that was built illegally post WWI. It was too slow due to Germany no longer being allowed to build Aircraft engines. It did see combat in a Spanish war but was quickly relegated to the roll of a Ground attack bomber because it could not compete in air to air combat.

All plans were drawn by myself and the same for Fabrication. Toward the end of the show you will see a design change. The original design was not stabile in flight. The top wing was “stretched” for a more stabile flight.

Play Slideshow below…………

Some of my other “Creations” . The 1/3rd scale Fokker DVIII was my own design. Others were Kits etc.

My own design

My own design

Lot’s of work with the Fokker. Learned a lot about scale alterations. Mainly that when scaling something up, things are not Linear.

Pitts Special

A Classic Pitts Special. I won this plane at an R/C meet.

My all-time Favorite

My all-time Favorite

A Modified Stearman ! What a great Plane to Fly !!!! R.I.P. :=(

Training Day April 23,2013

Well, it’s been a fun week in Lake Wobegon. Hand surgery was more than expected. I was not ready ! I could have guessed when they told me I would be OUT COLD ! Next clue was my hand was NUMB FOR THREE DAYS ! Went in for post Op C/U. They took off the bandages and I nearly fainted. GROSS! Looks like some kind of Hairy legged Centipede in the palm of my hand. I am thinking about posting a picture….NOT

Oh well, Yesterday I got to get some training in. I needed to get out. I was trapped in my house and all I heard was stories about Two Whacked out brothers in Boston. The town they came from had nothing but ghetto type conditions , so they come to the USA for an unbelievable education, complete with I phones. So, they learn that they hate Americans and it is best to kill as many as possible………Sorry, had to say it………….

Well my training walk went way better than I thought possible….I decided to try using my “Camino Taxi” aka jogging stroller.

Camino Caddy 003

It is great! I trekked for 3 hours without a problem. It was Very windy 20-30 mph with gusts up to ???? I wanted to make a film with my new editor but when I got home, I found the wind noise in almost all of the video was terrible . I salvaged what I could so you can see a little more of the places I ‘Hang’ at.

If they have ‘Hacked’ up my video again, go to and then in their search bar type: training for the camino de Santiago and you will see a commercial free version…….

Buen Camino

Training for The camino de Santiago

This training exercise was a struggle………..I intentionally over-packed my backpack by about 10 pounds. Big mistake. Then I extended my intended trek by one hour. That turned into two more hours. Huge mistake.

These things were done because I knew I would be only able to train a small amount this week. Yesterday, I had surgery on my left hand. Duypuytren’s Contracture. What? It’s a genetic thing that happens primarily to Dudes of Northern Europe decent. That would be me. You will see it it the video below. Scar tissues cause a finger to fold over the palm and eventually lock. Well, my left pinky Locked. Today it is 75% straightened and my hand is really sore.

Friday was as good as it gets around here so it was off to the Bayfront………. Where I live……

I have a New Camera and a new Video editor that I got from . It was free (the software) so you have to figure out how to use it yourself. I am learning, so bear with me. Had difficulty seeing images in the bright sun. Thus some images were zoomed in (like the Pelicans and sadly the pretty joggers) when I did not intend. A lot of Video on the cutting room floor. haHa.


Sorry, This will probably be my last blog with a long video. All the commercials were NOT entered by me! To see the Video without commercials, go to: . Then enter the search bar bayfront walk april 2013 reload Sorry for the trouble.

Hey, it will not win any Oscars, but it is FREE……….

Just Do It

Just Do It

Buen Camino Friends