Who am I?
Officially, It’s Robert
My very early years , I was Buddy to my family.
It became Bud through my School years in New York and remains that to all my friends North of the Mason Dixon Line.
Military Friends Tagged me Stroker.
I transfered to Texas in the early 70’s and became Bob by default.
Around the same time I became “Dad”.
While working in Yellowstone a Ranger hung the tag “the flycaster” on me and that stuck quite well.
And finally it changed to Grandpa.
Alas, it is true, I have been called worse. :=)

Born in Niagara Falls New York a long time ago.

I have two sons, a step daughter and more grandkids and step grandkids than I can afford.

I live in Corpus Christi Texas. Great winters, HOT summers.

Saw a fair amount of the world but mostly through the windshield of a USAF C130. A fun time but due to Vietnam, I was happy to put it in my “Rearview Mirror”. I loved my visits to Panama. A time when the people there still liked the Americans.

Retired from duPont a long time ago. I was 53 when I retired. January 1st, I will have been retired 20 years. Wow, time has flown.

Been there done that since retirement. Been in most of the States and Provinces of Canada. British Columbia is my all-time Fav.

The Store at Bridge Bay Marina

The Store at Bridge Bay Marina

Click for large picture.

Worked in Yellowstone NP for 4 years, mostly as a store manager at Bridge Bay Marina on Lake Yellowstone. Days off would find me on the back-country trails. Favorite trail, Avalanche Peak trail. Only 3 miles but rough, natural stair-steps all the way. At the summit, views of the Absaroka (sp) Mountains were beyond words.
Being a store manager gave me the flexibility to operate a part time wilderness fishing guide service. My favorite thing. message me and I can tell you where and when to go.
I like people so I learned basic communication skill with people from all around the world.

A spiritual awakeining…………… The summer of 2001, I spent in the Adirondak Mountains in Upstate New York. When it was time to leave for Texas in September the plan was a quick trip down to NYC because I always wanted to visit the WTC and see all of NYC from the observation level. Now for the Intervention. I received a call from a man in Bar Harbor Maine that wanted to talk about a position working for him in 2002. So, on 9/10/2001, rather than drive to NYC and then back to Maine, I headed East to Bar Harbor Maine. The next morning, 9/11/2001, when I had planned to be in the WTC, I was in Stonington Maine. I am thinking this was not a random chance………….I have thought differently about life and mortality ever since that day. Every time I see the awesome beauty in the world I can’t imagine how anyone could think it “Evolved”.

Now for “Blogging”…………. Some time ago, I had the joy to watch a Martin Sheen movie titled “The Way”. Something in the movie reached deep into me. I Started doing research on The Camino de Santiago and a few weeks later I announced to family and friends that I had found the Cap-stone to my “Bucket List”. My youngest son Michael said I should start a Blog and post to it as I trekked along. What? me , Blogging? well here I am. This is the same son that started me Texting also. I always said, “Texting? Not now, Not EVER”! Shoot, now I can drive with my knees so I can Text with both hands !!!!!! Just Kidding…………

So, follow along as the trek begins ……….and with prayer ends at St James’ resting place in Santiago Spain.

Buen Camino Amigos
Bob Schultz trekker2013


4 thoughts on “About

    • Jealous Jealous ! Wish I was leaving with you. Be careful on the first Leg. The weather can be tough at the higher elevations. Keep me posted as best you can. I have my Ipad weather loaded with the forecasts for all along “The Way”. Hope you don’t have too much mud. Buen Camino friend.

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