Day two


Made it to Trabadelo west of villafranca. 25km today with pretty tough climb early just out of Cacabellas. Back failure! Last 4 to 5km painful and really slow. Made it to Albergue pictured. Hydrocodone and a couple Cervezas and I am feeling better. Waiting outside for Pinchos now.
Looks like weefee is working here. Keep the prayers and rhoughts coming !!!


7 thoughts on “Day two

  1. Gosh you trekked a long way today! Gooooooood for you! ?Look at you! You’re doing it! You’re there!!!! ?Yahoo! So sorry to hear your back is hurting. I hope it gets to feeling better and becomes accustomed to this environment. ?Rest and cervesa should help! Thoughts and prayers continuing!

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