What Did I Forget??????????


Two days !!! Losing sleep !! I know I have forgotten something ! What is it ? Is it Critical ?

The Bus leaves for The Camino de Santiago on Tuesday 9/17/2013. I will be on that Bus. The Pilgrimage starts on the morning of the 19th. Oh my ! Feet don’t fail me now !


16 thoughts on “What Did I Forget??????????

  1. Bob, You guys are going to do great, although it is a test of mind, body and spirit. But … that’s the point, isn’t it? Keep us posted each day with photos and a running narrative, so we feel like we are doing it too. Well, except for the aching feet, legs, backs … 🙂 Nan

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  2. My daughter, from Corpus Christi, has shared this with me. May God bless
    and keep you every faithful step of your journey. Godspeed!
    Will look forward to the next “installments”.
    Nan Thompson

  3. My Dear Bob,
    The most important advice i can now impart it just to “let go.”
    I made a vow to do this as I closed my front door, headed for the airport. Not sure if you remember, or if you were even following me from the very beginning, but I remember being at the Orlando Airport, and when my first leg to Miami was cancelled, I shocked myself, as I found myself shrugging my shoulders. I was “on my Camino” and really, truly, the Holy Spirit was directing all of this. If I miss my flight, or even all of them, I’ll leave tomorrow, or whenever I’m supposed to. Sounds crazy, since I’m a classic type “A” control freak type person, but I really found myself smiling, and saying – “Your will be done.” Many of my old traits have returned, now that I’m back in the old rut, but I truly think that one thing did not. I passed a car the other day with the bumper sticker, “If God is your co-pilot, you need to switch places.” I said aloud, “Amen brother!” May our God bless your journey, and safely guard your every step. Much Love, Bill.

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