Training Day April 23,2013

Well, it’s been a fun week in Lake Wobegon. Hand surgery was more than expected. I was not ready ! I could have guessed when they told me I would be OUT COLD ! Next clue was my hand was NUMB FOR THREE DAYS ! Went in for post Op C/U. They took off the bandages and I nearly fainted. GROSS! Looks like some kind of Hairy legged Centipede in the palm of my hand. I am thinking about posting a picture….NOT

Oh well, Yesterday I got to get some training in. I needed to get out. I was trapped in my house and all I heard was stories about Two Whacked out brothers in Boston. The town they came from had nothing but ghetto type conditions , so they come to the USA for an unbelievable education, complete with I phones. So, they learn that they hate Americans and it is best to kill as many as possible………Sorry, had to say it………….

Well my training walk went way better than I thought possible….I decided to try using my “Camino Taxi” aka jogging stroller.

Camino Caddy 003

It is great! I trekked for 3 hours without a problem. It was Very windy 20-30 mph with gusts up to ???? I wanted to make a film with my new editor but when I got home, I found the wind noise in almost all of the video was terrible . I salvaged what I could so you can see a little more of the places I ‘Hang’ at.

If they have ‘Hacked’ up my video again, go to and then in their search bar type: training for the camino de Santiago and you will see a commercial free version…….

Buen Camino


Training for The camino de Santiago

This training exercise was a struggle………..I intentionally over-packed my backpack by about 10 pounds. Big mistake. Then I extended my intended trek by one hour. That turned into two more hours. Huge mistake.

These things were done because I knew I would be only able to train a small amount this week. Yesterday, I had surgery on my left hand. Duypuytren’s Contracture. What? It’s a genetic thing that happens primarily to Dudes of Northern Europe decent. That would be me. You will see it it the video below. Scar tissues cause a finger to fold over the palm and eventually lock. Well, my left pinky Locked. Today it is 75% straightened and my hand is really sore.

Friday was as good as it gets around here so it was off to the Bayfront………. Where I live……

I have a New Camera and a new Video editor that I got from . It was free (the software) so you have to figure out how to use it yourself. I am learning, so bear with me. Had difficulty seeing images in the bright sun. Thus some images were zoomed in (like the Pelicans and sadly the pretty joggers) when I did not intend. A lot of Video on the cutting room floor. haHa.


Sorry, This will probably be my last blog with a long video. All the commercials were NOT entered by me! To see the Video without commercials, go to: . Then enter the search bar bayfront walk april 2013 reload Sorry for the trouble.

Hey, it will not win any Oscars, but it is FREE……….

Just Do It

Just Do It

Buen Camino Friends

Beautiful Niagara

href=””>The Way The Way[/caption]

Been a while since I have posted. Thought for sure I would have exciting posts by now. Went for my complete physical and hit a bit of a setback. Minor I Hope. A Male issue has surfaced. Been on Antibiotics and go back for retesting on Thursday. So, My Plane tickets are on Hold.

So the Post for today is as mentioned in the Title. I have received numerous emails and questions about New York and Niagara Falls in particular. I was born there and moved to a little town North of Niagara Falls named Ransomville when I was 4. (you will need Google Maps for this one). I grew up on a small farm and yes, we had a Vinyard. (see video) Couldn’t wait to get off that farm. Such a Hick! Spent the rest of my life trying to get back to the Farm. Be careful what you wish for. I had the best growing up experiences any boy could possibly hope for. My friends and I could tell you adventure stories from our youth that would make you think we were either great Liars, crazy or stupid. The Older generation in my town said none of us would survive to see our 21st birthday. Some of us didn’t, but most are still around.

First, let’s look at the “Bright” Side…….The Part where you see the sailboats in the river was about a 1 hour trek from my house. Same for the Old French Fort. The Grape vinyard? In the backyard. Enjoy…..

Once I completed my obligation to Lyndon Johnson, I went to work for a Major Chemical company during the Prime years of industrial boom in the Niagara area. (see 2nd video) things started to go down hill fast there. Years of greed overtook a lot of Companies. Polution was everywhere. I know because I was one of those doing it. so much industrial (chemical) waste just went straight into the Upper River (ie: The Niagara River above Niagara Falls). Ever heard of Love Canal? Right down the street. So , Our company began shutting down and I was a lucky one that was offered a position in Texas. 1972 started my work in Texas. That was when I first learned about Pollution control. A totally different attitude.

And so, the Dark side……….. :=(

Watch the Videos and you will see two sides of Niagara Falls and you can get a glimpse of Niagara County where I grew up. Western New York is still Beautiful and it will always be “Home”.

Chinese Character for Love

Love Character<a