Another Weight solution

Got a comment from my son about a video he saw of a man on the Camino that had too much weight. His solution was to buy a Jogging Stroller and push it to Santiago. My first inclination was “No Way”. Second thinking gives me a new perspective……In ’06 , I was involved in a Dog Attack that left me with a Broken back. This is the reason backback weights are a serious concern to me. I am getting into pretty good condition so legs are not my concern. My back on the other hand IS an issue.

Investigation tells me the least expensive is at Walmart $145 +TT&L. Kinda shaky quality. So How bout a better grade that is used. I will modify it anyhow. Check with Airlines. No Problem with a single seater. Ify for a double.

Try Craigslist. Bingo, several of them. Like this one, a Schwinn Arrow. A check of the WWW and it lists for $300. They are asking $80 and says “New Condition” . Be right Over.

Holy Moly, still has the store tags and the tires still have the little rubber hairs. It’s mine now

Camino Caddy 001

Camino Caddy 002

Okay, Lets get to work. Gosh, what” this? HaHa, a built in MP3 system. I guess I can Rock-On with other Pilgrims.

Camino Caddy 003

Starting to look promising.

Camino Caddy 005

Folds up in 5 seconds. about 3# lighter without fenders child restraints etc.

Camino Caddy 006<

Wheels pop right off if airline wants it even smaller.

Camino Caddy 008

Two full packs water bottles etc. Storage area under seat area will be for extra shoes, food items, the omni-present T.P. etc

Hard to push ? NO !!!! It’s a dream. Just touch it and away you go. Hand brake for the front wheel that sets as a parking brake also. Rear wheels have a shock absorbing system and parking brakes. It’s almost cheating. I am thinking It’s a Winner. I think if I return to St Jean Pied de Port after the Camino is completed , I can get 200 Euros for it.

Pictured below, the USA Urban options………

Camino caddy Urban modifications-crop

What Fun ! Bob trekker2013


Just a Funny/Sad Story

Pilgrim Scallop

The Store at Bridge Bay Marina

The Store at Bridge Bay Marina

I was working on my post for the “About” section of my Blog. When I got to the portion about working in Yellowstone NP, Lots of memories came flooding back. This is a True story that happened in the store I was managing.

Who, what, when, where and Why.

Bob, Manager of the store at Bridge Bay Marina in Yellowstone NP.

On a typical busy day at our store, the calls went out for Bob the Manager. Why, because the employees had a “Problem” customer. Difficult, Irate or problem customers were ALWAYS happily passed to the Manager. The “Problem” was a Japanese couple that spoke NO english. The solution, Bob will handle it. Snicker Snicker.
After pulling out my best Japanese comm skills, I determined that they wanted to rent fishing gear. Done ! 30 minutes has passed , I hear more snickers.
The problem is, I know they can’t have fishing licenses so I finally work it out with them that they had to have permits. Done! at least 30 more minutes have passed. More snicker snicker. Oh well, we lost money there if you figure time spent. Happy customers. A Half dozen Bows between us and two happy customers leave. I hear comments like that’s why he makes the Big bucks etc. snicker Snicker

Like I said, very busy. Some 45 minutes pass and I happen to look out the front windows and I see the small Japanese Man walking by headed toward the boat docks with a Motor Boat rental form. I said to the other employees, look, here comes a boat wreck.

Well, busy busy with customers some time passes and I feel someone pulling on my shirt sleeve. I turn around and here is the little fella again. Now he is making very agitated motions with his hands and in VERY broken fractured English it was to the effect of “Takey hookey out”. Okay I get it, I show him we sell Forseps and needle nose pliers for that. More bowing. He points at the forceps and repeats the previous message. Next thing I know, he is dragging me out of the store yelling takey hookey out. My immediate thought was that while waiting for his boat rental, He decide to fish in the Marina that has a plentiful supply of big trout. Fishing there is very prohibited due crazy fisherman flailing hooks everywhere. Certain he has hooked a Big Trout, I hurried out to help him release it. Large fine if a Ranger sees him.

That’s when I saw it. There is his wife standing by the docks with a trebble hook through BOTH LIPS. OH NOOOOOOOO ! I can’t go near this lawsuit. No reference to this in my Manager’s guide book. I immediately point up the road and said Hospital 3km. More bows, takey hookey out!!!!!! No, Hospital 3km. He grabs the forceps and goes to work on his wife. GaG. The store folks close the blinds, they are getting sick. Thank goodness, the Rangers are comming. A few minutes later, here comes the Little Japanese Man back into the store. He wants a refund that I cheerfully gave him. It’s okay, forceps were on the house. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he owed me for one missing fishing lure.

Ranger Rick told me they removed the hooks from her lips at the Hospital and fixed her up just fine. A day later, I had more visitors from the West Yellowstone Newspaper. A nice interview and I still have the News article packed away here somewhere. Fame comes at such a price. I still wonder how one gets a trebble hook through BOTH lips?

And so ends another day in the life of a store manager in Yellowstone NP

Okay, a challenge for today. I want you to listent to the link below and do your best not to laugh. It is a true story that actually happened near Dallas Texas. Not only do I laugh out loud, It makes me cry tears of laughter.,, Good Luck.

Weight Loss

ImageNew sleeping bag !  Nearly 2 pounds lighter than the Old version.  Happy Happy !  Check out the size differences.  It will fit in my U.T. hat !  Will I freeze in it?  It is actually rated for colder weather than the Jumbo version.  Amazing what money can do.

I am starting to believe I can make it over the Pyrenees mountains without hiring a Sherpa !


My new trekker boots arrived.  Awesome ! Very light. ……..But they are too tight !   A Quick call to LL Bean.  “send ’em back” .  larger size on the way even before I return the originals!  Free shipping each way !  Friendly people.  I wish every business would work like that.


The picture above is The Cross of St James.
Buen Camino Amigos


For those who want to see more

Some have asked why September/October. Three reasons. Weather, Weather, and fewer Pilgrims. Below is a video of the first segment of the “Way”, St Jean Pied de Porte, fr to Roncesvalles, Sp. Pretty much all uphill. A serious test, the first day. Breath-taking beauty, but the wrong time of year can make it miserable…………

This would be much better……..

a favorite……………..

Just one more……..

Come On , get packing and don’t forget to get conditioned. I’m too old to carry you ! Ha

Buen Camino

Back to the Beginning

Well, it has been pointed out that I should have first stated the Mission. The intent is to walk the Camino de Santiago, more specifically, the Camino Frances (French Route). This is the third of the three religious pilgrimages that is known as The Way of St James. The other Pilgrimages are the Holy Land and Rome.

This all started when I watched the Martin Sheen movie “The Way”. (You need to see this) It reached out and grabbed me. I have been working on my bucket list for some time. All the Dangerous items are scratched off so I thought here it is. Let’s do this thing.HaHa. I hope to come home to Corpus Christi on Fire with spirit. If not, I will be happy to have had a long walk/talk with my maker.

Here is a video to watch that can help you understand why I have “Gone “round the Bend”. If you search youtube for Camino Santiago or Camino Frances you can choose from thousands to watch.

Below is a map of “The Way”. Click on map to get a full size Map, Suitable for framing. HaHa.

camino-map 1500Pix

For you to relax with:

Progress is being made every day. Passports are in hand. Both International and Pilgrim passport. The Pilgrim Passport gets stamped all along the way. After Trekking 800+ kilometers. You receive a Compostela (Certificate of Pilgrimage). If I make it, it will be one of my most treasured moments of my life.

Today, I trimmed a full six pounds of weight from my pack and I ordered a new sleeping bag that will reduce weight more than a pound. Sure seems like it cost a lot more for less.  :=(

Buen Camino

Too Much Weight.

Uh Oh! first test packing of the backpack with one water container (Filled) came in at 32 pounds. Too heavy for me to carry up and down the mountains of France and Spain. Making the first cut tomorrow. I am thinking I will be washing clothes more often than I calculated. I want to get closer to 20 pounds. That will be hard enough for 500 miles of trekking.

My heaviest piece of gear is my Mini-tablet. A great concern because that is to be my primary communication device. Not to mention the Apps for GPS, weather etc. Pretty sure the HD Cam corder is outta here. My Nikon Coolpix does video also so that will suffice. 6 T shirts being cut to 3 etc.

My new lightweight boots will help. The pack was weighed with my current boots inside.

we’ll see.

Gonna have to cut  cut cut. Or get training wheels for the pack. HaHa.

Buen Camino

Packing Process


think light

What to take? What to take? making lists……. looks like 250 pounds of gear. Never fit in my pack!


It’s a start. Still needs Hiking boots, walking shoes, flip flops, bathroom items, TP, clothing and blister pads.

I received a hiking tip I had not heard before. Wear a pair of Nylon Crew socks then over top of the Nylons, a pair of Cotton Crew socks. What? never heard of this. The point is that it is supposed to reduce your foot friction by 80-90%. So I tried it. Went for a 6 mile training hike and it was amazing. Give it a try. Also, they say NEVER use “Tube” socks, the toe seams can drive you crazy or worse on a long hike. Hmmmmm, Looks like Goodwill can expect a lot of “Tube” socks from me.

Buen Camino

Adding a blog

Well, this is a first. A Blog!  Please bear with me. Typing on a touch screen is hard for me.

Organization continues. Buying light everything. My new super light boots should be here next week. Even getting light weight underwear. Ha.

I think you can respond to this blog. Not sure, learn as I go.

I am thinking this will be anothergood way to send updates